Welcome to The Life and Times of Little Things: a place for the small stories which change the big picture.

Here you will find lots of Once Upon A Times. Sometimes fictional, folk or fancy, sometimes personal, political or as true as a story can ever be.

Some of them are my stories (You can read about me here), and some of them are stories I have inherited from the rich earth of folklore.

When they go out, all of them go out to do what stories do best: to cast light and reach out hands. They go with bundles on their backs and sticks over their shoulders; out into the big woods of the world. They are small but they are strong. If they find but one or two listeners then their journeys have not been in vain. Then they can sit down under a tree, suck at their scratches, close their eyes and smile. Then, you are carrying them.

The stories are organised into categories by project. Current projects are:

Going Feral: Walking into the Wilds of a Fuel-less Future

Stories from Stapleton Road: Impressions of Bristol and her Folk

Small Girl / Big World: Personal tales from a woman with a rucksack

Scheherazade: Folklore fit for Kings

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Projects are updated ad-hoc, as the stories happen. If you’d like to hear about new posts, please follow me.

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